Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Note from Rolf and Ranger

To our great FCR fans,

Here it is, Silver Bullet Chapter 25 and you'll notice at the bottom of this one it says The End.

We can't believe we've finally arrived here. (and after checking that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in May of 2010 that we posted chapter one.....we're about to fall out of our chairs) Anyway, I think I've said it before but this book started out as a train robbery. THAT was the beginning of the book. Then Jake and Tom said they were dying to climb Everest, so of course we had to start that story too. The Silver Bullet, for those that didn't quite get it, was the name of the train, as well as the impetus between Dale and Tom for that couple to live on the mountain, and for Tom to know that it was time to change as well.

It has been a long (and short) five years and we're so pleased that so many of you have commented along the way, bringing many great discussions to life on Yahoo and the Forum. These five years have seen a lot of changes in our lives, in the lives of our friends and listmates on both Yahoo and the Forum. We lost our good friend Tom, who had been very excited to see how this book ended. We're sure that while he wasn't here in person to read it, he was his usual brat self and was looking over our shoulders as we typed each and every word, stamping his feet as we'd take yet another turn that meant the ending was going to take a little bit longer, but enjoying every word.

We've received many notes from readers who have learned a little more about themselves, making changes for the good in many areas of their lives. As authors, it's lovely to read notes from readers who've enjoyed the story as a story, but it means so much more when we know that it's a book that gets returned to again and again, and can affect lives for the better. We thank each and every one of you for the time you've spent writing to us, chatting on either list, and for hanging in there to the very end.

For those of you sad to see those two words....The End, as it's been used before, just means it's time to switch to another book title and for a slightly different angle on the ongoing story of the ranch. Mason will return in The Mary Ellen Carter, which will follow directly on the heels of The Silver Bullet. We DO want to know how his story ends, as well as seeing how Tom and Dale continue to grow in themselves.

Stay tuned!

Much love,

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Annmarir Teta said...

I am just starting Silver Bullet and I know it will be as amazing as the first three books. I love your characters, story lines, watching Dale's growth, seeing myself in certain characters and realizing there are lessons here for myself as well. I cried through much of Mustang Hill realizing who waited there and what needed to be done. Watching Luath and Darcy's pain was gut wrenching because we never get over losing loved ones, we just learn to cope. Once Silver Bullet is complete, I will look forward to MEC
...and working on my own persnickety, painful, persistent perfectionism...!